Early stage breast cancer

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Early stage breast cancer

Hope everyone is well. Today I will talk to you about breast cancer. Early diagnosis is easier to cure the disease.Early stage breast cancer.

In the initial stages, there are some things to note:1,Whether there is any change in breast size, size, and color.
2,Whether there is any difference between the two breasts.3,Whether there is any change in the skin of the nipples.
4,Whether nipples will go inside.5,Consult a doctor immediately if there is an abnormality in the skin around the area.

Breast cancer test has three issues:
1,Examining your own breast. Examine yourself once every month from the age of twenty. Understand the normality of your nipples, so that if any abnormalities occur, consult a doctor immediately.

2,Clinical breast examination, performed by a trained physician. Once in the age of twenty to forty years, once in three years. If he crosses forty, he should be examined once every year.

3,Mammography, other radiology and imaging tests such as ultrasonography, SRI. FNAC is diagnosed with any abnormality in these tests.

The procedure for examining your own breast,

Stand in front of a clear mirror and notice yourself in every state of low light.
Keep the two arms hanging on either side of the body.
Lift your head upwards or backwards.
The two hands should be pressed to the waist, so that the chest muscles can tension.Early stage breast cancer.

Feel and feel with your hands.
Do this twice from location.
With the head on the bed, the left breast with the right hand and the right breast with the left hand
The side has to be verified, the side hand should be placed over the head.
Fold a small pillow or towel under the shoulders, so that the chest and breast are parallel.