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You can now get your physiotherapy in Dhaka Bangladesh service at home.Your parents or relatives, many of them experience joint pain in the joint, they can not find a way to relieve the disease, despite many doctors. In this case we provide experienced and skilled Doctor BA services at home.This is the kind of service our employees will provide. If you experience joint pain, our caregivers or doctors can physically heal you. 

Good morning, for many, good afternoon or good night. Variations in space can vary with time.However, hopefully everyone is fine.

I’ll tell you how physiotherapy treatment is provided at home.

Our doctors or caregivers will also provide you with monthly passages of your physical peace.We provide services in Dhaka. You can find our services at places like Gulshan Banani in Dhaka.

We provide our services all over Bangladesh.We do not care about the patients in the city of Soodum.

We are fine if you are good.What I will talk about today,Home Physiotherapy.Suppose you have pain in your waist, knee, or every other bone joint. You are consuming a lot of drugs and have been consulted by many doctors. Still, no work is done. How would it work, you could not get proper treatment.

Before you get the right treatment, you need to know what, how and why this medical service is used.

Physiotherapy The diseases we use, neck pain, bone loss pain, traumatic pain.Physiotherapy is used for joint tightening, mouth twisting, post-treatment services.

Many of you will be pleased to know that physiotherapy  is the first treatment used in ancient Greece.