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How To Take Skin Care Of A Newborn

How To Take Skin Care Of A Newborn As with everything else after the birth of a newborn, it is important for the parents to emphasize on this matter from the beginning. Remember, the unborn baby’s skin is very delicate after birth. General Chat Chat Loung The baby’s immune system. Therefore, suddenly using some kind of cream, oil, perfume or cloth at the beginning can cause problems like dryness of the baby’s skin or even red rash. General Chat Chat LoungThe child should be cautious about these issues before birth. The first thing that should be done after the baby is born is to provide a warm and comfortable place for the baby. General Chat Chat LoungAfter the birth of a baby, the body contains a type of oil called Varnix. This substance acts like an antibody. External dust or anything else that can be harmful to the baby’s skin prevents all skin contact. General Chat Chat LoungIt is very common for mothers in our country to want to have their baby bathed as soon as possible after birth. At the same time, indigenous foreign cream is busy to apply to the baby’s skin. General Chat Chat LoungFrankly speaking, one should refrain from doing this kind of work. At least the first week after the birth of the baby, bathing the baby, applying cream or anything like this is completely forbidden. General Chat Chat LoungBecause the natural layer of oil on the baby’s skin after bathing, it will remove and the baby’s skin becomes more delicate. Bathing rules for a newborn are thrice a week. General Chat Chat Loung But of course, it is not a bath with water, sponge or soft cloth dipped in warm water, then the body must be removed. Excessive bathing will make the baby feel cold, as well as the skin’s oil lining can increase the chances of having a horrible skin disease like eczema. General Chat Chat LoungUsually newborn babies are not very dirty without mouth saliva and diapers. So two or three times a week is enough to wipe with a sponge. And clean the inside of the mouth with a cleaner or a little water once a day. General Chat Chat LoungThis rule should be followed at least once a year after the baby is born. As I said before, the women of our country want to use various foreign baby products in their body right after the birth of the baby. This item should be used carefully for at least the first 6 months after the baby is born. General Chat Chat LoungIf your family has allergies or asthma records, the question is no. Although beneficial in name, these baby products spoil the natural coat of the baby’s body, which can cause skin infection on the baby’s skin. General Chat Chat LoungBaby bedding and clothes should be cleaned regularly. In this case, refrain from using aromatic detergents. Not only this, do not mix baby laundry with other family members clothes. General Chat Chat LoungIt is necessary to try to clean them completely with clean and warm water. Check your baby’s diaper regularly. Because wearing a dirty diaper for too long can cause a rash on the baby’s skin. So if the diaper is dirty, clean it as soon as possible. General Chat Chat LoungIt is best not to use baby wipes in the market for skin removal. Use clean soft cloth instead. Chemicals in Baby Wipe can be harmful to baby’s skin. And you can use petroleum jelly on the touch organs. General Chat Chat LoungAlso, if you use baby talcum powder, be sure not to go into the baby’s mouth. It may cause the baby to breathe. And massage to make the baby’s skin healthier. However, it must be at least ten weeks after birth. General Chat Chat LoungResearch has shown that the baby’s well-being and growth depend on how well the baby is being touched. There is no special technique for baby body massage. In a warm room, the baby lies down on the folding blanket. General Chat Chat LoungThen rub a healthy and safe baby lotion or baby oil into your baby’s body gently. Remember, the baby’s body does not feel stressed. It can hurt the baby. Carefully massage the whole body gently. It will make the baby’s skin soft and healthy. General Chat Chat LoungWho does not want a new guest who is healthy and smiling? Therefore, it is important to take care of your newborn from birth to ensure the future of a beautiful life. General Chat Chat Loung